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Dear Koty,

Paul and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did remodeling our bathroom and creating one in our basement as well. We were impressed with you the day you came to visit our home. You had so many ideas and explained exactly how you would proceeed in doing the work. It was a pleasure to have you in our home. You arrived promptly every morning, took precautions to protect our carpets and floors and finished the job in the time you had projected. We are delighted with the results and have recommended you to friends. We expect to ask for an estimate on another job in the near future and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Dear Koty,

Just a little note to thank you so much for the wonderful work you did for us at our home. Your suggestions and help with the planning of the bathroom renovations turned out to be wonderful. We have said time and time again that we were so sorry you left the New York area because, of course, we miss you but also because we would have liked to recommend you to many friends and family. Your professionalism, promptness and craftsmanship is unsurpassed. All the doors and windows you replaced have kept us warm all winter and they look beautiful. Please be sure to tell anyone you would like to contact us at any time for a reference.

With best personal wishes,
Beth and Phil Johnston

Beth and Phil Johnston

Dear Koty and Dana,

We are so appreciative of the fine work you did to make our kitchen a dream come true and despite our questions and requests, you were ever kind and patient with us. Know that we will be referring friends your way.

Dean and Jim

Dear Koty,

Our townhouse project was completed a little less than a year before you relocated from New York and Maryland. As you & I know, no one but you would have the patience to deal with my meticulous perfectionism. From ever detail, our beautiful moldings and wood flooring to the overseeing the kitchen and bathroom projects to relocating the heating units that everyone said was impossible to do. Your talent, professionalism, great attitude and sense of humor prevailed throughout. Bernie and I would be more than pleased to recommend you for any type of construction job and would accept any requests to contact us us personally.

Vicky Spilko

We have known Koty for over twenty years. In that time we have had him work on our home on Long Island NY, completing many projects. He has remodeled our kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom, and basement family room. In 1988 he built our deck that is still in great condition after twenty years of sun, rain, snow and numerous family gatherings. He has also completed several additions in our office ten years ago that are still very functional and attractive. My wife and I know Koty to be a very conscientious, trustworthy, dependable, and most importantly, exceedingly honest person. We wholeheartedly recommend Koty and his company.

Joe & Luba Randall

Dear Koty,

We just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the beatiful job you did transforming our home from a 3 bedroom ranch to a spectacular center hall colonial. You were presented with a unique situation where we had to have a major renovation done in a very short period of time. You managed to finish the job, down to the last finishing touch, on schedule We appreciated the fact the you were here everyday to address any of our concerns and answer any of our questions. Our home is just beautiful. Many people have inquired as to who did our renovation and we are sad to them you are no longer in the area. We wish you continued success in Maryland.

With many thanks,
Will and Monica Scharrer

Dear Koty,

How nice to hear from you and your note about your Mom and Dad. I do talk with Norma frequently and know what they have been through. Koty, I have loved my new kitchen since day one. Yes, you were very professional and completed my new kitchen in about one week. I recall that my old cabinets had to be removed, the old flooring taken out and a mud floor put in before you could continue with the remodeling. The new cabinets are still beautiful, as well as the new sink, fixtures, and all of the tile work. I still love my ceramic tile floor and it is so easy to keep clean. The widened entrance way into my dining room has made it so much easier for me to entertain. I still don't now how you did all this work in such a short time. Many of my friends wait weeks into months to have their work done. My family and my church are still the core of my existence. The grand kids are growing up. Daughter Allison went back to school for nursing and Linda is still with Dreyfus. I have a new Poodle named Pippin. He is one sweet dog. I wish you much success in your new business venture and of course my best wishes to you and your family. I do see your Mom and Dad whenever I am in Florida.

Best Wishes,
Marge Wright

Marge Wright

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the service and recommendations that you have given me over the past two years. After using many different contractors over the years before I settled on your company for repeated service.

With the contractors I have used in the past I have continually been disappointed with one facet of the job or another. I have not been totally satisfied with the plans, materials or clean up after the job was completed.

The quality and care you provided with the basement bathroom installation was fantastic. My wife was impressed at the care you took to make sure that our carpet and furniture remained protected while you completed the project. Your solutions and design to overcome errors made by the original builder were impressive.

Again, Kr. Kotlas I want to thank you and those employees who have represented you for the quality service you have provided me and my family. If you ever need to offer references I would be very happy to speak with any potential customer regarding service you have given us.

Mitchell Donovan

Mitchell Donovan

Hi Koty, Our house is the envy of the whole neighborhood with our wrap-around porch that you built and designed, with a good amount of Carolyn's input. What she did not think of you did, which made working with you such a pleasure. You listened to our visions, put up with our changes, and made our dream come true. You not only showed expertise and as a carpenter, but as an electrician, plumber and jack-of-all-trades. The interior work in the cathedralizing our ceiling, eliminating a wall and adding a staircase is just gratifying. We wished you would have stated long enough to remodel our bathroom. We have yet to find a replacement that has the talent, understanding and honestly.

Carolyn and Jerry

Carolyn and Jerry

Dear Koty,

It is with pleasure that I am writing this letter to thank you for all the excellent work you did on our home. We continue to enjoy the remodeled tile kitchen, two bathrooms that were completely done over, old window replaced with Anderson ones, and new cedar shingles on our ranch style home. You were always professional and we benefited from our creative ideas. I would highly recommend your services.

Anne and Mike

Anne and Mike

We want to thank you for the wonderful kitchen transformation that you performed on our own. Starting with our first meeting with Koty we were convinced that he was our contractor of choice. We had interviewed several other companies but none of them came close to showing the knowledge and insight that Koty brought to the table. In just the first two hour meeting, Koty listened intently to our dreams and goals in the kitchen project. Then he carefully went over what might be some potential problems with our design. He also put forward some possible ways to overcome these problems and discussed the cost factors verse the possible gains. He was very willing to put forward his ideas and come up with some unique design options that one one else had seen for us to consider. The paperwork took a while to work through and complete, but once the job got underway we could appreciate how the carefully planned project unfolded. Koty's crew along with several of Koty's subcontractors took our job from start to finish without any major problems. Most of the questions had been resolved before the job began and work flowed seamlessly from the demolition, the moving of interior bearing walls and the relocation of exterior window and doors. The Plumber, Electrician, Mason and other Subcontractors were also scheduled correctly to keep the job flowing. When our cabinets were being installed along with the granite countertops we could see our dream taking form. Our home and yard were kept clean and neat during the work and the job finished up just one day beyond the expected finish date. It was a very large job and we could easily see why for some people a large renovation can be a nightmare. We were actually sad when the job finished. The house would now be quiet and we would have to go back to playing with the dog ourselves.

Thanks so much for the wonderful job
Feel free to use us as a referral for future customers,
Everyone should have this experience.

Thanks again,
Lisa and Danny

Lisa and Danny

Dear Koty,

It's been several years since you completed the major home renovations for us here in New York. However, your name still comes up occasionally in conversations between Suzanne and I concerning all the wonderful work you performed. Even though we had plans drawn up by an architect, we know the job posed quite a challenge from the start. Throughout the process, your commitment to meeting deadlines, being fair with your pricing -- even when we added some extras to the mix -- and general overall professionalism exhibited by you and your helpers was quite extraordinary.

The jewel of the finished product was our greatly expanded kitchen and increase living area, the best move we ever made on our home and something we have and will continue to enjoy for many years to come. The added bonus of taking your suggestion of having you install radiant heat throughout the new floor areas has brought smiles to our faces on many cold winter mornings when we stumble out of our bed and into the kitchen in our bare feet.

We actually lost count on the number of friends and family that have asked us to refer our contractor to them for work they were looking for someone to handle for them. Each time, we tell them our story and unfortunately have to end it by telling that Koty moved to Maryland and is no longer available in these parts.

I understand you've launched a new business venture to go along with the contracting/remodeling business you established after moving to Maryland. I wish you the best of luck in both endeavors. If you ever need a verbal testimonial to provide firsthand dialogue about your work performance and capabilities, please do not hesitate to pass my name along to any potential customers.

And if you ever decide to come back up to New York, please call me first because I will probably have some more work we'll want you to do.

Best Regards,
Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan

My wife and I have a hundred year old house in Washington, DC - and have been through a variety of renovations and renovation experiences over the 25 years we have lived here. By far the best was our experience of last fall, when we used Koty Kotlas and Diamond Pro Contractors to renovate our kitchen. It goes without saying that the work was superbly done, on time, and within budget (I say this as if this is something that all homeowners get with renovations - but I know that is not the case). What made our experience with Koty and Diamond Pro so good, was the length to which our expectations were exceeded.

My wife and I both work and have very busy schedules, but doing a complex renovation requires that the contractor meet on a regular basis with the homeowners. I have had many experiences in the past where a contractor said "I'll be there at 8a" - and the came by at 10a, or they didn't come at all that day. Koty was the exception, when he said "by 8am" - was always there by 8a, usually before.
Koty also gave us a schedule for the entire job - and with exception of a two-day delay because an electrical part was on back order - the schedule flowed exactly as he planned it - with the kitchen being ready exactly when he said it would be. I know this sounds simple, but this is dependent not just on planning and diligence, but on maintaining excellent working relationships with subcontractors. Everyone Koty uses for subcontracting work meeting his standards of excellence.

Koty, Diamond Pro, and all of their subs exhibited the highest standards of quality. The was evidenced in how they did their prep work, as well as the finished work.

Minimal disruption to the homeowner:
Koty arranged the job such that we could use our house, sealing off whatever dirty areas were being worked on on a daily by day basis. At one point - we thought we would lose use of the basement art room (when new plumbing had to be installed) however, Koty found a way around that (using a crawl space).

Koty made a rule for himself and his subs that the work area would be clean on a daily basis. This rule was followed closely- and as a result, the rest of the house stayed clean.

Personal qualities:
Koty is also a great guy, easy to work with, be with, and to have a conversation with. Construction and renovation can be a major disruption and stress inducer for homeowners, and having Koty to plan it through and be there to discuss any issues or concerns, new preferences, etc. - made the experience delightful.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Koty and Diamond Pro Contractors to anyone.

Leslie Harris and Peter Bash

Leslie Harris and Peter Basch

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